Multi-Purpose Scouring and Wiping Scrub Sponge Pads


What is Tuff-Scrub?

Tuff-Scrub embarked on its journey in the USA, where it has undeniably established itself as a household staple. Its unique and innovative design, coupled with its remarkable durability and reusability, has spearheaded a revolution in home cleaning.


Unlike conventional scrubs that serve singular purposes, The Original Tuff-Scrub is a true multitasking marvel. With its dual-sided configuration, featuring a Dura-Scrub side for combatting tough stains and a microfiber side for gentle wiping, it seamlessly integrates the best of both worlds. From tackling grimy dishes to effortlessly cleansing surfaces, Tuff-Scrub streamlines your cleaning tasks with exceptional efficiency.

Dura Scrub Side

For Cleaning & Scrubbing 

without Scratching

Microfiber Side

For Wiping with 

Maximum Absorption

Tuff-Scrub's Applications

It can be used for a variety of applications, a multi purpose scrub in true sense!



Tuff-Scrub is perfect for washing utensils, with its dual-sided design effectively handling tough stains and ensuring efficient cleaning.


Say goodbye to stains on plastics with the versatile cleaning power of Tuff-Scrub.


When it comes to sinks, Tuff-Scrub's dual-sided design is perfect for addressing stubborn stains and ensuring effective cleaning


Cleaning the refrigerator is a breeze with Tuff-Scrub, ensuring a hygienic and fresh storage space.


Tuff-Scrub is gentle on non-stick cookware, safeguarding your valuable kitchen items while cleaning efficiently.


Tuff-Scrub takes the chore out of dishwashing, making it quick and easy.


Use Tuff-Scrub on your slab for effortless removal of stubborn stains and spills, leaving it spotless.


Tuff-Scrub is your go-to for streak-free, crystal-clear glass surfaces in your home.

How it Works?

Learn about how Tuff-Scrub Works!

Dura Scrub Side

Our Dura-Scrub side is safe for use on almost all household surfaces including glass, non-stick coatings, granite, ceramic, and stainless steel. It is a textile that contains no metal like steel wool and copper products that can scratch.  Also, it’ s scrubbing fibers are woven tightly together unlike some other products on the market that are pressed together materials that will dissolve and fall apart in water over time.  Dura-Scrub material is durable, long lasting and can be laundered in your Washing Machine and dried in your Dryer as well as put in your Dishwasher allowing you to Sanitize and Deep Clean your Tuff-Scrub products whenever you desire.  


If you are unsure whether the pad will scratch give it a little test in an inconspicuous area to see.  However, if you do not want to take the risk, don’ t worry, we have a microfiber side that is good for removing dirt and grime from ALL surfaces including softer surfaces like wood cabinets, etc.

High Quality Microfiber Side​

By now just about everyone knows the benefits of microfiber cloth.  Microfiber material is composed of fibers thinner than a human hair that pick up and remove the tiniest of particles.  Wiping, absorbing, cleaning are the tasks that microfiber does well.  The old cotton kitchen rags do absorb okay, but they don’ t clean like microfiber.  Microfiber traps grime and moisture in its fibers whereas cotton just pushes dirt particles around. 

Microfiber material has an incredible number of benefits:  Absorption of liquids, Easy and efficient removal of dirt and grime, Quick Drying, and Environmentally Friendly Cleaning due to being able to launder, use less paper towels, use less chemicals for cleaning, and many other benefits.  When using Tuff-Scrub Pads, don’ t forget about the Microfiber side not only for wiping after scrubbing but also for sopping up spills, using as a duster, and cleaning more delicate surfaces.


Tuff-Scrub, with its microfiber material, utilizes fibers thinner than a human hair, adept at capturing and eliminating even the tiniest particles. This remarkable material excels at tasks such as wiping, absorbing, and cleaning. In contrast, traditional cotton kitchen rags may absorb decently, but they fall short of the cleaning prowess of microfiber. Microfiber possesses the unique ability to trap both grime and moisture within its fibers, while cotton merely nudges dirt particles around. 


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Here's a
Helpful Hint!

One of the outstanding advantages of Tuff-Scrub pads is their washability and compatibility with your washing machine and dryer. This is particularly beneficial because microfiber is skilled at capturing dirt and particles, which can potentially scratch delicate surfaces. To maintain their effectiveness, it’s recommended to wash them frequently to remove any trapped dirt and grime. Additionally, please avoid using chlorine bleach, fabric softeners, or dryer sheets. When drying, opt for the low-heat tumble dry setting or consider air drying for optimal results.

Foam Core

The foam we use as the core between the Dura-Scrub side and the Microfiber side is primarily for absorption, mold resistance, and durability.  We use a polyfoam which is resistant to mold and mildew and is durable and strong as well as absorbent.  


Low cost cellulose sponges have been around a long time and do absorb well, however, they are made of an organic material that will rot over time.  We feel a long lasting, good quality foam is the best material to use when dealing with dirt and grime and greasy water and all those funky particles that can cause odors. Just give your Tuff-Scrub some good squeezes when done using  and let it dry.

US Clients' Testimonials

At my 67 years, I have used a lot of scrubbers, cleaning what have you's, but these are great. I like them for my dishes, to clean the counters, to clean my cast iron skillets and the list goes on. My latest use was cleaning walls with them, they took a beating with that job but held up and good for a few more walls. I have been using these for about 3 years or so, just found them on Amazon, thank goodness.
I Love These Tuff-SCRUBS
They are great for non-stick pans and even regular ones as well. I like that they are very tough... meaning they don't fall apart like some other tuff scrubbers on the market. One side is a scrubber and the other is terry both that doesn't fall apart. I have purchased two orders of these on separate occasions and would definitely recommend to a friend.
Best Ever!
Microfiber picks up food particles, wipes away fingerprints, then rinses clean. Scrubbing side works noticeably better than some other brands with no scratching. I like them so well that I bought another pack the next time I went to Walmart to use in the bathrooms.
They Work


Absolutely! Tuff-Scrub is designed with a non-scratch material, making it safe to use on delicate surfaces, including non-stick cookware, glass, and stainless steel.

Yes, Tuff-Scrub is designed to tackle tough stains, spills, and grime efficiently. Its dual-sided design ensures both tough scrubbing and gentle wiping.

Tuff-Scrub is known for its long-lasting durability, outperforming many traditional sponges in the market. One Tuff-Scrub is equal to four normal ones.

Yes, Tuff-Scrub excels at trapping dirt, dust, and grime, providing a faster and more efficient cleaning experience.

Be careful while using it on glass, melamine, soft plastics, soft wood and similar surfaces as the dura side may scratch them; however you can use the microfiber side for such surfaces.

Yes, Tuff-Scrub is eco-friendly due to its reusability and durability, which reduce waste compared to disposable cleaning products.

Tuff-Scrub’s machine washability, dryer compatibility, and dishwasher safety help maintain its freshness and cleaning power over multiple uses, preventing unpleasant odors and bacterial growth.

Tuff-Scrub is machine washable, dryer safe, and even dishwasher safe, ensuring easy maintenance. Simply toss it in for a thorough cleaning.


Experience the Cleaning Revolution with Tuff-Scrub Today! Order Now and Elevate Your Cleaning Game.

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